Why Become a Member?

Well, first off what would it take to put together a 2300 square foot professional photography studio ready to shoot on a dimes notice. With 9 hard shooting areas also another 9 roll down muslin’s. We have 35 feet of industrial windows and 65 feet of depth for just about any lens you like. With 12 professional studio strobes, all kinds of light modifiers and soft boxes you can easily set up multiple shooting areas at once. The studio is equipped with all kind of props for just about any kind of shoot you would like. The studio also has audio/video and high speed internet to use, you can also plumb in your own music via Bluetooth or wired. We also have two large dressing rooms with makeup counters do get ready.

Now as a member you get 24/7 access to the studio and all of it’s equipment. You just schedule on our online scheduler, walk in with your camera and subject and you can have your photo shoot. It’s that simple, nothing needed to bring with you.
So what do you think? Do you agree? Is a membership studio the way to go for you. If so Check out our membership levels below.

Membership Levels & Rates:

Memberships are bases on the plan you choose below. Hours that have not been used can be carried over with a continually paid membership. Members must purchase a building key for $20.00 per to access the main building. All memberships require a 12 month membership commitment.We have many plans and payment arrangements shown below. We do have special memberships available to full time students and snowbirds, please contact us if you require this special membership.

Note: 1 Credit = 1 Studio Hour.


BY THE MONTH: (Requires a Year Contract For Membership)

1. $50 PER MONTH MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE A = 1 Month Dues and 2 credit = $25.00 – Add credits at $30 Ea.

2. $100 PER MONTH MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE B = 1 Month Dues and 5 Credits = $20.00 – Add credits at $30 Ea

3. Larger Plans Are Available If Needed.


BY THE YEAR: (Requires a Year Contract For Membership)

1. $600 YEAR MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE A = 1 Year Dues and 26 Credits (includes 2 Bonus Credits For Year Prepaid = $23.08 Per Credit) - Add More Credits at $30.00 Ea

2. $1200 YEAR MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE B = 1 Year Dues and 60 Credits (includes 5 Bonus Credits For Year Prepaid = 18.48 per Credit) – Add More Credits at $30.00 Ea

3. Larger Plans Are Available If Needed.


If you’re ready to have a tour of the studio email us at Info@WorkShoots.com  with your request and you will receive a reply in 48 hours.