Dave Whitson - Instructor


Dave Whitson, APSA, PPSA (Photographer & Instructor), is a multi-award winning photographer and exhibitor in international photographic competition. An active member of the Grand Rapids Camera Club since 1977 and the Photographic Society of America (PSA) since 1979, Dave has been awarded multiple medals and Honorable Mentions. His photographic work has been exhibited multiple times in 42 countries around the world. Dave has been an avid photographer since his early teens. He is mostly self-taught, although he has attended many seminars and workshops around the country. Dave has taught photography classes at seminars since 1980 and lead adult community education classes from 2008 to 2015. He has also been a photographic judge since 1979 for many camera clubs in Michigan and three other states. Dave developed the listed classes especially for WorkShoots and first presenting them three years ago. Dave is a firm believer in that you learn by doing.

Registration for classes is on a demand basis. The first student to register for a class determines the date and start time for the class. The class registration is then added  for additional registrations and promoted on FaceBook.  To begin the registration process please send an e-mail to dave@workshoots.com stating the time of day that works for you and the day(s) of the week desired for the class you want.