photography 201

Shooting in Priority & Manual Modes


This class teaches you how to effectively use your digital camera, how it functions, and how to create the picture you want when you press the shutter release button. You will learn how to create a photograph rather than a snap-shot.

The prerequisite of this course is our PHOTOGRAPHY 101 or equivalent experience and to have a digital camera (compact camera, mirror-less camera, DSLR). This course will teach you to take your camera off the Automatic Modes and take control of your camera. Why let a software programmer in Japan make all your decisions.  You are looking through the view finder and know what you want the photo to look like, so start making most, if not all, of the decisions in the creation of your image. It is a lot easier than you think and this course will hold your hand as you make the leap to creativity.


We will  cover the Exposure Triangle (the secrets of a perfect exposure), focus modes, metering modes, white balance (and why Auto White Balance does not always work), lens selection, histogram (and how it will keep you out of trouble), highlight alert, and the  Advanced Exposure Modes of your camera (Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual) and when to use them. The basics of composition will also be covered.

 Hand-outs will be provided. This class is approximately 4-hours in length in two sessions (2-hours each) and conducted in an informal, but structured manner. Questions are encouraged during and after the class.


One on One Class