studio lighting 201

Creative Lighting Techniques Using Misc Light Modifiers

This class has a prerequisite of STUDIO LIGHTING 101 or equivalent experience, not for beginners.

This class teaches you how to use different sizes and shapes of soft box light modifiers, barn

doors, snoots, grids, gobos, etc. for creative lighting techniques such as rim lighting, dramatic lighting, silhouettes, etc.  You learn by doing. Hand-outs will be provided.

This class is approximately 2-hours in length in one session and conducted in an informal, but structured manner. Questions are encouraged during and after the class. You will get to practice with a live person as a model. (NOTE: In order to get the full effect of this class, a subject is needed. The cost of the class can be reduced by bringing a friend, spouse, etc. as a model, otherwise a model will be hired at $25/hr.) 


One on One Class: (with student providing a model)


A model can be provided by WorkShoots for an additional cost of $25 per hour.